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Could Bank of America bail on buying Countrywide?

B of A to Bail

Knowing your credit score could save you thousands  of dollars, keep up to date with recent changes

Fico score changes

Could the month of May be the turning point for the real estate market?

May turning point

Mortgage rates are under pressure to move up.

Rates move higher in April

Bond insurance companies losing billions

Bond insurers post huge losses

Two properties, one mortgage

Blanket mortgage loan

Gauging the feds next move 

April fed meeting

key week on wall street

Banks to set tone

Indymac banorp is the second largest wholesale lender

Indymac bancorp news

The argument against the Fed lowering rates

Arguing against rate cuts

Congress is reviewing housing relief

Housing stimulus in the works

Government regualtion to increase

Paulson reform plan

Buying a home at an auction

Auction home financing

Are private citizens now on the hook for investment banks?

Tax payers funding buyouts

Did the market reach it's bottom?

Market bottom

What is a negative amortization loan

Negative amortization loans

No PMI, no new home buyers

PMI insurers bail on the market

Agency lenders look to grow

Fannie and Freddie getting bigger

The government looks to expand the role of FHA

New FHA loan proposal

The stock market collapses again

A new bear market

The ability for mortgage companies to lend may become more regulated

Mortgage regulations

The Fed has dumped another 200 billion into the market, learn more

Fed liquidity boost

Countrywide remains in the media spotlight for all of the wrong reasons

Countrywide under investigation

The market officially confirmed we are in a recession this week.

Recession confirmed

The bond market is extremely volatile, how is this affecting mortgages?

Bond market fiasco

What are the best markets to invest in for real estate

Safety marekts

Good news for home owners

Welcome news for home owners

What we can learn from Indymac

Indymac earnings

A new wrinkle to the housing crunch

Declining market restrictions

The government is one step closer to helping the economy

Economic stimulus closer

The benefit of the falling LIBOR

Libor relief

How do bond insurers factor into the market?

Bonds decline

Are you taking advantage of this opportunity to refinance?

Refinance applications surge

Previewing the economy for the month of February

The month of February

Get a jump start on home buying season

Prepare for home buying season

Selling your home, protect your assets

Limit your risks

Wall street braces for another turbulent week

The week ahead

The perfect time to build your dream home?

Time to build

When should I lock in my rate?

Timing the market

How is the market for jumbo loans?

Jumbo loan market

The fed acted aggressively, what's the next move?

Fed lowers rates sharply

International markets are following the U.S.

Global economic slowdown

Can tax rebates save the economy?

Tax rebates

All eyes are on Ben Bernanke, learn what he does

Ben Bernanke

Simple steps to help you survive a recession

Preparing for a recession

What can be done to prevent a recession

Can the fed save the economy

What if my lender goes out of business?

Lenders out of business

Low lending rates, and high yield bank rates?

Interest rate variance

Thinking of remodeling, learn where the value is

Home improvement values

Buying a new home, consider getting it inspected

Home inspections

We preview the 2008 year

2008 preview

A look back at the mortgage industry in 2007

2007 in review

Fair Isaac to change credit scoring system

New FICO scoring

Buying or selling real estate, consider a home warranty

Home warranty

Understanding how a home appraiser works

Home Appraisals

Mortgage Rates Are Moving Up Fast,

Mortgage Rates On The Rise

Waiting on the government to bailout your arm?

Government Mortgage Bailout Has Flaws

Purchasing a second home

Financing for second homes

What your fico score means to your mortgage rates

New credit score pricing

Building long term wealth in real estate

Paying off your mortgage

Reverse mortgage loans explained

Reverse mortgages

Things to avoid when shopping for a mortgage

Common mortgage financing mistakes

Buying a foreclosed or bank owned property

Foreclosed home loans

Understand your options for condo financing

Condo Financing

Understand applying for an agency mortgage

Agency mortgages explained

Alternatives to jumbo loan financing

Jumbo loan alternatives

Credit scoring on mortgage loans

Credit scoring explained

Sub Prime Loans, why they have led to foreclosures

Sub prime loan metldown

Mortgage closing  fees and costs

Closing Costs

Bi - weekly mortgage payments

Paying off your loan early through a biweekly payment

What makes mortgage rates change

How to track mortgage rates

Financing a new vehicle

Auto Loan Financing

What is a margin on an ARM

Adjustable rate margins

Real estate liens explained

Mortgage Liens

The role of a mortgage broker

Mortgage Brokers

A guide to cash out refinancing

Cash out refinancing

Why you need mortgage insurance or PMI?

Mortgage Insurance

Learn what APR means in shopping for a mortgage

APR versus interest rate

Considering buying an investment property ?

Purchasing Investment Properties

Trying to sell your home in a down market ?

Tips on selling your home



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