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HUD changes course with FHA loans and pricing for mortgage insurance

FHA loans get more expensive

Mortgage lenders & home owners are not the only ones feeling the pinch from the credit markets 

Credit market crisis hurts everyone

Home owners look for options as refinancing becomes harder

Alertnatives to refinancing

The demise of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac send mortgage rates up.

Agency lender rate pressure

If you are exploring a home loan through an fha lender, then you will need to know about your

FHA case number

Home owners who are upside down or behind on their current payments may want to explore a loan modification.

Loan modification

The market is pressuring mortgage rates to stay up despite positive economic news.

Rates under pressure

A number of key financial companies have reported earnings

Financial results send stocks down

The FOMC meets this week, no changes likely

Fed to hold steady

There are great buying opportunites in the current market, but investment properties are tougher to finance

Investment properties harder to finance

FHA mortgage guidelines to undergo changes

Fha reforms coming

Housing stimulus bill finally gets the green light

Key items of housing bill

Don't get trapped with your arm reset

Arm reset risk

Oil prices decline, but mortgage rates continue to move up?

Oil prices decrease but mortgage rates move up

Bank of America, the countries largest mortgage bank reported q-2 earnings

Bank of America earnings

Citigroup the worlds larges bank reported another quarterly loss

Citigroup narrows loss

Home builders continue to lose ground:

Home builders lose confidence

The  FHA has changed their mortgage insurance requirements, learn more:

FHA changes mortgage insurance

The rapid decline in the stock market is good for mortgage rates

Fixed mortgage rates go lower

The recent speculation of the failure of agency lenders, highlight the major issue with lending problems.

Government misses mortgage issue

The finance markets have come under additional strain, leaving companies.

Desperate for more capital

The European Central Bank raised a key monetary rate last week, adjustable rate mortgages will move up.

Refinance your arm ASAP

The amount of down payment you can receive in the form of a gift varies by loan program.

Down payment from a gift

There are time when refinancing your mortgage, even into a higher interest rate can make financial sense.

Refinancing into a higher interest rate

Housing stimulus packages gets initial approval in Senate

Housing relief gets boost from Senate

The FOMC meets again next week, can they afford to cut rates? 

Fed back in spotlight

The government is exploring a new process to help stimulate the housing market.

Covered bonds to help housing market

Thornbug mortgage reportes loss over three billion, how was this possible?

Jumbo loan lender loses billions

Mortgage insurance companies could hold key to U.S. housing recovery

Mortgage Insurance companies

FHA loans provide relief for equity strapped home owners.

FHA loan relief

National home builder delivers better than expected earnings

Toll brothers earnings

Consider paying extra on your home loan or using the money elsewhere

Why pay extra

Mortgage rates have jumped up in May, what we can learn heading into June

May rate recap

What to make of the recent news regarding the real estate market

Real estate psyche

Bad financial advice could cost you thousands of dollars

One percent myth

Conforming jumbo loan rates improve

Improved jumbo loan rates

Adjustable rate mortgages are becoming more attractive

Consider an ARM

Maximize your down payment through seller concessions

Negotiate with seller concessions

Mortgage rates are trending up, don't miss your chance to lock in near five year lows.

Time for action

Freddie Mac announce capital raising plan

Freddie Mac Q-1 earnings

The nations largest mortgage wholesale lender reported their q-1 earnings

Indymac Q -1

Oil prices could aid to inflationary pressure on mortgage rates

Oil paradox

Housing reform in political stalemate?

Reform could face veto

Could Bank of America bail on buying Countrywide?

B of A to Bail

Knowing your credit score could save you thousands  of dollars, keep up to date with recent changes

Fico score changes

Could the month of May be the turning point for the real estate market?

May turning point

Mortgage rates are under pressure to move up.

Rates move higher in April

Bond insurance companies losing billions

Bond insurers post huge losses

Two properties, one mortgage

Blanket mortgage loan

Gauging the feds next move 

April fed meeting

key week on wall street


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