Financial News And Your Debt

January 29, 2010

The interest rates that you pay on your debt might be affect by the FOMC statement issued today.

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Credit Card Debt Consolidation Using A 0% Credit Card

January 22, 2010

More than ever before, it is important to start saving money and pay less in interest. One easy way to start saving today is to apply for a new credit card that offers 0% on balance transfers. Read this if you would like to consolidate your high interest credit cards into one 0% card.

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Mortgage Loan Assistance Program Lagging in Completions

January 21, 2010

The Washington Post reports that in spite of programs designed to prevent mortgage foreclosures, U.S. lenders haven’t kept up with the tide of foreclosure filings. Financial problems caused by unemployment is putting many families at risk of losing their homes.

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U.S. Mortgage Loans and Housing Markets: The Impact of Less Mobility

January 19, 2010

The New York Times cites continued concerns about the economy and unemployment as contributing factors for a less mobile US population; these factors are also impacting US homeowners, sellers, and mortgage loan and housing industries.

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Using a Budget to Get Out of Debt

January 17, 2010

If you find yourself in debt, you should consider making a budget. Excessive debt, the kind of debt that may cause you to need a credit card debt consolidation loan, means that you are living outside of your means. A budget is the key to living within your means and ultimately elminating debt. Start saving more in 2010.

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Top Three Credit Card Debt Consolidation Ideas

January 11, 2010

It’s a new year and it’s time to get out of debt! There are more opportunities right now than ever before. Interest rates are at historic lows. Make a resolution to consolidate your credit card debt and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in interest payments.

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Best Refinance Deals: Using Mortgage Calculators for Comparing Refinance Quotes

January 6, 2010

Free online mortgage calculators can help you compare refinance quotes. Here are some tips for finding the best refinance deals based on your needs.

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