Teaching teens about managing money

May 31, 2011

The Sacramento Bee reports that Mira Loma High School teacher Chad Posner is teaching his students how to handle their money in today’s complex financial environment. In an era when many parents hand their kids credit cards, Posner teaches teens about the importance of saving and investing. Posner’s students appear to be taking their lessons to [...]

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Credit card debt: Retail cards offering convenience at a high price

May 12, 2011

Remember last holiday season when a high-end department store offered deep discounts for opening a store credit card? Remember the cool stuff you bought for everyone? Of course you do; you’re still paying for it. Here’s how retail stores promote their credit cards:
- You’ll earn “rewards.”
- You’ll be eligible for “special promotions”
- You’ll be recognized as one [...]

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Ready for retirement? Lose your credit card debt first

May 4, 2011

Increasing numbers of retirees are carrying credit card debt, a scenario caused by decimated investments,  job loss and insufficient retirement savings. Growing household costs, gas prices, and flat wages are also impacting consumers’ ability to retire debt free. Use these tips for evaluating your current assets for retiring and  for achieving your saving goals.

- Revisit your [...]

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