2 potential risks of debt consolidation

January 25, 2012

Debt consolidation loans, credit card balance transfers and home¬†loans can streamline debt management and help you save on finance charges. But credit card debt consolidation is not an ultimate solution for carrying consumer debt, and can complicate financial matters if you don’t consider possible risks.
Debt consolidation risks depend on circumstances
Debt consolidation can offer [...]

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Debt Psychology 101: Paying off smallest debts first provides incentive

January 4, 2012

Washington Post financial columnist Michelle Singletary¬†encourages consumers to try a new method for paying off credit card debt. Financial¬†counselors frequently recommend paying off your highest APR debt first, but Singletary suggests her “Debt Dash” method may work better.
Singletary cites the benefits of cleaning up small debts first as a means of providing yourself with encouragement [...]

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