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How to track mortgage rate changes


A guide to understanding what changes mortgage rates and what to look for in the economy as indicators


Mortgage rates change daily and sometimes can change through out the course of a day. It is important to understand that mortgage rates are essentially determined by the trading of mortgage backed securities. Most lenders generally price their loans in a similar fashion. A good way to determine if mortgage rates may be moving lower is to track the ten year treasury bond. This typically is a good indicator of mortgage bonds and rates, the lower the bond moves the lower rates typically fall. Mortgage rates change as investors buy into or sell out of mortgage backed securities. Most investors follow economic news and trends such as inflation, housing news and other key economic news when buying into bonds so keeping an eye on the stock market will also help in understanding where rates may be heading. If you are exploring a mortgage loan and are trying to find the lowest mortgage rates, then you should compare mortgage quotes from different lenders to make sure you end up with the most favorable loan.

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