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Selling your home, provide yourself with some peace of mind


The real estate market has not been easy for home sellers, provide yourself with some much needed peace of mind after you sell your home.

Picture yourself struggling through one of the toughest real estate markets to sell your home in the past 25 years, finally making the move into your dream home and receiving a phone call from an angry buyer who recently purchased your home. So how do you protect yourself as a home seller. First, it is critical that you honestly and thoroughly fill out your property disclosure form. Next, consider offering a home warranty on the property. This typically covers mechanical items, plumbing and appliances. Be certain to encourage the potential home buyer to obtain an independent home inspection, you never want to remove this request during a counter offer negotiation. If you are selling your home through a real estate broker find out if their is a separate errors and omissions policy you can obtain that will provide you further coverage once the home sale has been completed. To ensure a smooth closing, use a reputable title agency and encourage the new home owner to obtain a title policy even if they are a cash buyer. Covering all of your basis will further insulate you once you are in your new home, ensuring you can enjoy your new property without having to look back.

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