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Mortgage interest rates are now at the lowest level they have been at in 2007, it's never been a better time to be a California homeowner! Our Loan Network provides you with free mortgage quotes for debt consolidation, low rate refinancing and purchase home loans. We work with the countries top lenders to offer you the lowest mortgage rates and most competitive financing options. We also offer student loan consolidation, auto loan refinancing, great deals on credit cards and free mortgage calculators.

Comparing New York mortgage quotes has never been easier. In 2007 our national lender exchange partner network processed over 900,000 requests to help find the best rates on mortgages, debt consolidation and more. We make it easy with simple forms and match you with the countries top lenders to help ensure you get the best deal on your next loan or mortgage. We look forward to your feedback and success stories.

Loan Network is proud to be amongst the first companies to provide access to compare free mortgage quotes in Spanish.

Compara tasas de inter?s para hipotecas con hasta 4 presupuestos gratis de los mejores prestamistas nacionales. Obten un Presupuesto, ahora mismo

New York mortgage loan options

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From Albany to Manhattan we've got you covered for the best loan options in the State of New York. Whether you are looking for a $125,000 mortgage on a condominium or a multi million dollar Super Jumbo Loan for your dream home our lender network has the options you are seeking. We work with top New York lenders to provide you with the most popular home loans in New York including; deferred interest mortgages, pay option loans, interest only arms and fixed rate jumbo loans.

Stop searching for rates and fees, relax and let our top lenders send you a customized quote. Get up to 4 free quotes on New York's most popular loan programs; option arms, interest only and deferred interest mortgages. Compare mortgage interest rates from top New York lenders. Start your New York Mortgage Refinance here today!


Our loan network offers up to four mortgage quotes for free, New York Mortgage Quote with our 60 second easy, no obligation application and get matched with the countries top mortgage lenders.

Real Estate and Home Loan Q & A

What does the term APR mean?

APR referes to Annual Percentage Rate, this is not your actual mortgage rate, which is referred to as your interest rate. APR is generally a disclosed rate, that includes your closing costs averaged over the life of your loan term.

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Key Interest Rates

Prime Rate 5.25%

Six Month Libor 2.89%

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Compara tasas de inter?s para hipotecas con hasta 4 presupuestos gratis de los mejores prestamistas nacionales Hipotecas


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