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Investment Properties


Tips on financing investment properties 

Purchasing an investment property involves financial planning before you move forward. It is critical that you work with a competent lender to get pre approved and understand your financing options up front. If you are purchasing an investment property most lenders can offer financing up to 95% of the purchase price depending on your income, assets and credit profile. If  you are purchasing a condo or multi family property then you should expect there will be additional restrictions from the lender. Most importantly you need to asses your desire to be a landlord and what your expected rate of return will be on your investment. Their are numerous tax benefits to owning investment properties, consulting a financial planner and CPA would be a good first step in this process. Once you decide to make the purchase, shop for a mortgage quote from multiple lenders to ensure you are getting the best deal, be sure to compare rate, fees and terms.

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