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Relevant News In The Real Estate Industry

8-19-2008... The housing market continues to retract as housing starts have now declined to a 25 year low according to a report today from the home building industry.

8-14-2008...According to a report published by Realty Trac home forecloures continued to climb for the month of July, foreclosures increased 7% over the previous month.

8-7-2008...The National Association of Realtors reported pending home sales up over 5% for the month of July. This is welcome news for a struggling housing market, but no guarantee tha the market has turned the corner.

7-29-2008...According to a report from Case Schiller, U.S. home values have dropped in excess of 17% over the past year. California continues to lead the country in home price declines.

7-25-2008....RealtyTrac today released their forelcosure findings fort the second quarter. The news was not good as foresloures were up over 14% compared to the first quarter of the year.

7-8-2008...According to a report from the national association of realtors, pending home sales declined about 5% in the month of June, raising concerns the housing slump could continue for the next 12 months.

6-11-2008...The pending home sale index rose over 6% for the month of April. This is good news for a battered real estate market and a sign that buyers may finally be returning.

5-27-2008...According to a report released today from Case-Schiller, home values in the 20 largest residential markets have declined over 14% during the past twelve months as measured through April 2008.

5-16-2008...The Senate will likely vote on legislation aimed at helping up to 500,000 home owners who could be facing foreclosure in the next 12 months in the next few days.

5-13-2008.... RealtyTrac today announced home foreclosures rose 4% over the month of March and 65% over their level in 2007.

4-29-2008....RealtyTrac announced more bad news for the real estate market. Forelcosed homes are continuing to pile up. The first quarter rose 23% over the fourth quarter of 2007.

4-24-2008...New home sales continue to decline. Down approximately 8% month over month, inventories are also decreasing which is some underlying good news.

4-15-2008...According to a report from RealtyTrac, U.S. home foreclosures rose 5% in the month of March.

4-8-2008...According to the National Association of Realtors, pending home sales for the month of march dropped 1.9%








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