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Filtering through the negative news on the real estate industry


A potential home buyer is likely to be scared away by the barrage of negative news covering the housing markets..


The amount of negative news in the housing industry has become over whelming to follow. Almost every media outlet has featured stories on home foreclosures or declining home values. The key to fixing the down turn with the real estate market will be encouraging the ready, willing and able buyers to move forward. Their have been a number of positive developments that should help to spark the real estate markets that have been glossed over by the media recently. Fannie Mae is bringing back financing with only a three percent down payment as well as eliminating their declining market restrictions. Conforming jumbo loan  rates are helping to give the upper end market a boost. Real estate tends to be very local and markets such as the Metro Detroit area have actually started to see home prices rebound. There are likely to be more markets such as the Detroit area that see home sales begin to pick up in the next few months as the opportunity to buy near record low home values combined with attractive mortgage rates prove a great buying opportunity for those who have not been scared away by the media coverage that has focused too much on the negative side of the street..

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