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How to identify real estate markets that will be stable


Learn what factors will help identify the right areas to buy your next home in.

The real estate market will force home owners to asses their home purchases much different in the future. What are some key factors to look into when assessing what is a safe real estate market to buy in:

  • Reputation of the school system
  • Historical appreciation versus hyper appreciation
  • Prospects for job growth in the local area
  • New construction versus older inventory, (areas with lots of new construction have suffered worse in the real estate downturn)
  • Tax rates
  • Population growth over the past ten years
  • Percentage of unemployment in the local area
  • Retail occupancy rates
  • Access to public libraries, parks, etc
  • Unique areas that may be near a lake or ocean
  • Present level of housing inventory and historical market times for homes listed for sale

2-16-2008 ? LoanNetwork.com





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