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Stock Market News


Relevant News In The Stock Market


8-21-2008....Shares of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have lost over 40% of their value as investors are concerned a government bailout may be approaching.

8-13-2008....Financial stocks are likely to be under renewed pressure as a temporary ban on short selling top financial such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has been lifted.

8-12-2008...News that J.P. Morgan would take a write down in excess of 1.5 Billion dollars sent financial stocks into a tailspin.

7-21-2008...American Express reported disappointing financial numbers for the second quarter. The company provided lower than expected guidance which could cause pressure on financial stocks.

7-7-2008...The stock market could get a boost to start the second quarter from a slight drop with oil prices. Earnings reports are likely to gain more focus as the market looks for corporate guidance for earnings in the second half of the year.

6-26-2008...The stock market has lost over 1200 pts in the month of June. Oil prices continue to be a major concern as companies continue to guide against lower earning forecasts.

6-21-2008...The stock market lost over 400 pts in a rough trading week. Financial stocks continued to decline as further concerns about the effect of the mortgage mess hampered wall street.

6-17-2008...Goldman Sachs today reported profits totaling over two billion dollars for the first quarter. Their profits were down 10% from their 2007 totals, but still beat most investors expectations.

6-9-2008...Lehman Brothers, one of the largest investment firms on wall street is forced to raise another six billion of capital as further fallout from the mortgage meltdown comes forward.

5-22-2008...The stock market has lost over 400 pts as the price of oil has risen over $8 per barrel in the past week. This is pressuring mortgage rates to move up.

5-20-2008...Home Depot reported a steep decline in quarterly earnings as they have been impacted by a slow down with the U.S. housing market. Home Depot has closed 10 underperforming stores in the past 3 months.

5-12-2008...One of the worlds largest bond insurance companies today reported a net loss over three billion dollars on derivative value write downs.

5-8-2008...Oil reached a new record high and gasoline is pushing $4 per gallon. This is likely to pressure the stock market and could create inflationary pressure forcing mortgage rates to rise.

5-4-2008...The stock market could be under pressure ad Microsoft has withdrawn from negotiations to purchase Yahoo.

4-28-2008...The stock market is expected to rally on news that Tracinda Corporation will offer up to $8.5 for up to 20 million shares of Ford Stock.

4-21-2008...Bank of America reported a decline in earnings that set the market in a tailspin. Most major banks have now reported Q-1 earnings and the market overall has been receptive to the news.

4-1-2008...The stock market started the second quarter on a positive note. Many investors believe the credit markets are improving and results from UBS are suggesting many firms have reached the bottom of write downs.

3-24-2008...The stock market got a lift after J.P. Morgan agreed to raise their bid for bear stearns to $10 per share, up from their previous $2 bid.

3-17-2008...The stock market is reeling from news that Bear Stearns will be acquired for pennies on the dollar. The company valued at over 20 billion less than one year ago will be sold for less than two hundred and fifty million.

3-14-2008...The stock market received some grave news this morning as BearStearns reported they would have to borrow money directly from the Fed, through J.P. Morgan as liquidity issues left them with no other options.

3-10-2008...The stock market is firmly entrenched in decline mode. Trading below 12,000 for the first time in the last twelve months, fears of economic slow down are carrying through the market.

3-4-2008...Ben Bernanke sent the stock market tumbling with his concern that the U.S. mortgage industry will struggle to survive in wake of the foreclosure challenge it is facing.

2-19-2008...The stock market turned south as the price of oil topped $100 per barrel for the first time. Oil prices have risen over 10% in the past two weeks.

2-14-2008...Ben Bernanke rattled the markets with acknowledging that the economy is struggling and fears that the credit and housing markets will be slow to recover.

2-11-2008...The stock market received some bad news out of AIG one of the countries largest insurance companies regarding how it is valuing its derivatives.

2-9-2008...The stock market will be digesting more news from the Yahoo/Microsoft proposed merger as the board of directors from Yahoo is expected to reject Microsoft's offer.

2-5-2008...The stock market suffered one of its worst one day declines after a report out of the manufacturing industry showed further signs the economy was slowing down.

2-1-2008...The stock mark could rally today on news that Microsoft is attempting to purchase Yahoo in a hostile takeover bid.







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